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What is a building template?

The building template is a temporary supporting structure, which is made according to the design requirements, so that the concrete structure and components are formed according to the specified position and geometric size, maintain their correct position, and bear the weight of the building template and the external load acting on it. The purpose of the formwork project is to ensure the quality and safety of the concrete project, speed up the construction progress and reduce the cost of the project.

The building formwork structure used in the construction of cast-in-place concrete structures is mainly composed of three parts: panels, supporting structures and connectors. The face plate is a bearing plate that directly contacts the newly poured concrete; the supporting structure is a temporary structure that supports the face plate, concrete and construction load to ensure that the building formwork structure is firmly combined without deformation or damage; the connecting piece is to connect the face plate and the support The structure is connected into a whole accessory.

Building formwork is a formwork and support formed by pouring concrete. According to the nature of the material, it can be divided into building formwork, building wood plywood, laminated board, multi-layer board, double-sided laminated, double-sided laminated construction template, etc. Building templates can be divided into cast-in-place concrete templates, pre-assembled templates, large templates, and jump templates according to construction process conditions.