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What are the characteristics of plywood?

The first thing to understand is how plywood is made: plywood is made of veneer or veneer after gluing, usually odd-numbered plywood, such as three-plywood, five-plywood, and the texture of each veneer is combined. Throughout the production and application process, the characteristics of plywood are more prominent. Next, we can understand how the characteristics of plywood are from three perspectives:


   One, production characteristics


  1. When plywood is produced, flat rolls are often used. This kind of production is relatively simple in form adjustment of product specifications, and can completely complete fully automated computer-controlled production, which is convenient for manipulation.

   2. The plywood has a simple shape when it leaves the factory, and can be stored in rolls, which can meet the many needs of current decoration.

   3. In the use of logs, plywood is more reasonable. On average, 2 cubic meters of logs can produce 1 cubic meter of plywood.

  4. Since plywood is basically produced in large quantities, and the production specifications are relatively large, it is difficult to control the quality during the production process, and there is no guarantee that all plywood meets the requirements.


   Two, appearance characteristics


   1. From the appearance, the plywood retains the texture of natural wood, and there is no need to add other veneer materials. Direct painting can make the plywood beautiful and suitable.

   2. Plywood is generally large in size, flat in appearance, large in surface unit area, and strong in concealment. It can not only be used in home decoration, but also has a large area that is easy to cut and twist to create the desired shape.

  3. Light weight, convenient for transportation and installation, and can also save related costs.


   Three, use characteristics


   1. Plywood has good strength and durability, and is easy to process and use. It is one of the commonly used boards for furniture production, interior decoration, and residential construction.

  2. Compared with natural wood, it makes up for the shortcomings of simple deformation and large difference in transverse and longitudinal mechanics. Furniture made of glue is light in weight and good in bending resistance.

  3. Plywood plated with zinc, aluminum and other metals on the outside, it has better waterproof and moisture-proof functions.