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Plywood vs MDF

Plywood and MDF are the two most commonly used boards in custom furniture, including custom cabinets, custom wardrobes, and panel furniture.


    The ex-factory prices of the two types of panels are almost the same. Of course, different brands cannot be directly compared because of the difference in brand value.


     For example, MDF is a combination of cement and sand, and plywood is a combination of cement and gravel. The density of MDF is higher, which means that the weight per unit volume is greater. Therefore, the weight of the same furniture MDF is greater. Lightweight solid wood particle board is more convenient for transportation.


     MDF is not suitable for wet environments such as bathrooms and kitchens because of its small fibers and easier expansion when exposed to water.


    Both types of boards are suitable for assembly line machining and require machine edge banding, which is not suitable for on-site woodworking production. MDF can cut arcs and make various concave-convex shapes, but solid wood particle boards cannot.


    Density board: heavy weight, fear of tide and water, poor nail holding power, can be made in any shape, the surface can be laminated, can be used for baking varnish, suitable for cabinet doors, showcases, etc.


    Plywood: Lightweight, moisture-proof performance is relatively better than MDF, nail holding force is better than MDF, can not be milled, environmental protection function depends on the environmental protection level, suitable for cabinets, wardrobe cabinets and panel furniture.